Our mission is to host an event where family-centered vendors from the communities of Ann Arbor, Saline, Dexter, Chelsea, Milan and Ypsilanti can come together to not only gain exposure/create awareness for their businesses and services, but also create an atmosphere of love and fun for the families of Ann Arbor and surrounding areas. The expo will be free to the public so that we can reach as many families as possible, especially those who wouldn’t be able to afford to attend otherwise. Our goal is to have a strong focus on the health and well being of kids, especially those in foster care and underprivileged homes, or families who experience chronic illness or pediatric cancer.

Behind the Expo

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Hi! I’m Meghan, the creator and lead coordinator of the Ann Arbor Family Expo, and a Click Pro family and birth photographer. I’m wife to a loving, kind husband who would give anyone the shirt off his back without question, and mom to a spunky, resilient 3.5 year old boy with Celiac Disease. In fact, that little boy is the whole reason I began the journey of creating this expo. When our son was diagnosed, I spent an overwhelming amount of time searching for support and wondering where or who we could go to for help. This sparked the fire when I realized that there must be countless other parents out there in the same boat, just searching for support in their own community whether their family is thriving or struggling. I found myself imagining the possibilities and wondering if I could make this happen, so I created an entire business plan and, after a few months of encouragement from a few friends, approached 2|42 Community Center because of their amazing space offered freely to the public. From there, it was history, as they say. I’m completely amazed at how far the expo has come in such a short time, and so very grateful for all the support that’s come flooding in. This is going to be an AMAZING event.

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